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Why We Love Unique Glass Pipes (And You Should Too!)

By Terry Liu 0 comments
Why We Love Unique Glass Pipes

Pipe smoking has been around for numerous generations. Did you know that the earliest pipes were crafted from copper? It took humans several centuries to realize the benefits of smoking with a glass pipe. Many different designs started cropping up in the market, each one appealing to the eye. No wonder our ancestors used to love unique glass pipes! Today, their designs have become wackier and even more appealing. Their quality has risen to great heights but, fortunately, prices have considerably dropped. And that is not the only reason why we love these tobacco pipes.

Glass Pipes Provide a Smooth Smoking Experience

Smoke can travel easily through the sleek glass surface, thus giving you a richer, smoother hit. Other types of pipes, especially wooden ones, need to be finely furnished to generate an equally smooth experience. Unlike wholesale glass pipes, such superbly furnished pipes come with a hefty price tag. We love unique glass pipes for this reason alone!

We Love Unique Glass Pipes because they Deliver a Cleaner Smoke

Since glass doesn’t readily mix with gas, you will be able to taste the actual flavor of the weed or tobacco after inhaling the smoke. You will definitely love unique glass pipes for the supreme taste offered. On the other hand, the aroma of the copper or wooden weed pipes easily fuse with the smoke, reducing its authenticity. The smoke loses its original flavor, rendering a different blend.

Glass Pipes are Easy to Clean

Glass carries a lesser amount of friction than most other materials. We love unique glass pipes because the black soot doesn’t stick to their surface as readily. Hence, it is far easier to clean a glass smoking pipe than a copper or a wooden one. Even if the product has sharp edges, a steady stream of water will wash the dirt away in no time!

Another excellent scientific benefit of glass pipes is that glass is a relatively slower conductor of heat. You can heat your stuff in the pipe itself without worrying about burning your fingers on the other end. You obviously cannot do this with a wooden tobacco pipe; it will easily catch fire. Furthermore, wholesale glass pipes come in various designs and forms that are perfect for any and every occasion!

If the aforementioned reasons haven’t made you love unique glass pipes yet, then this one definitely will. Glass pipes, no matter how unique they may be, are dead cheap! Check out one of these spectacular thick hand glass pipes for instance. It is designed and manufactured in a bunch, which is why it only costs a little less than seven bucks!

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