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What are the Different Types of Glass Smoking Pipes

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Pipes are a popular smoking tool for tobacco and herbs. They are made of various materials such as glass, metal, corn cob and certain types of wood. However, most smokers prefer pipes made of glass. Unlike clay pipes or wood pipes, glass pipes don’t alter the flavour of tobacco with any additional flavour. Besides, they don’t heat up.

With so many options in glass pipes to choose from, it is often confusing the choose the right one fit for your preferences.

This guide will tell you the different types of glass pipes and help you choose the right one for your needs.


Also known as hand pipes, chillums are simple and small glass tubes. To use this pipe, you simply put dry herb at one end, apply flame and inflame from the other end. But this simplicity comes with a disadvantage. There is no carburettor to clear the smoke. That’s why glass chillums are ideal for smoking small amounts of tobacco or herb blends.

Different Types of Glass Smoking Pipes - Chillums


Unlike chillums, #spoon pipes boast a carburettor to clear the smoke. The carburettor on glass pipes is basically a small hole to draw in additional air. Although it produces fresher smoke, it can be slightly more complicated than smoking a chillum. There is a need to cover the hole with your finger to let the air in through the bowl, and then uncover the hole to inhale.

Different Types of Glass Smoking Pipes - Spoons

Steamrollers Smoking Pipes:

Steamrollers come with bowls or glass on one side of the pipe. These pipes have their both ends open.

The open end near the bowl works like the carburettor. In some #steamrollers, there is a chamber between the mouthpiece and the bowl. This rolls out the smoke to promote “cooling”. But steamrollers are not a good choice for novice smokers.

Sherlock Or Gandalf Pipes:

#Sherlock of Gandalf pipes is one of the popular types of glass smoking pipes. They are named after the pipes used by their popular namesake fictional characters. These pipes come with a large bowl attached with sophisticated arching steam.

The flattened bottom of the bowl lets the pipe stand freely when not being carried. The only difference between Sherlock and Gandalf pipe is that the latter has an elongated stem.

Both of these pipes might or might not come with a carburettor. Moreover, these pipes produce unrefined smoke that doesn’t taste good because of the unfiltered resins and tars.

Different Types of Glass Smoking Pipes - Sherlock


#Bubbler pipes efficiently filter out the tars and resins, thereby ensuring a great taste.

They circulate the smoke through water before you inhale it. This process removes resin and tars to ensure a smoother smoke. You can use hot water or cold water to fill the chamber. But cold water is generally preferred to generate a fresher taste. Some bubblers even let you use ice to produce dense smoke.

Different Types of Glass Smoking Pipes - Bubblers

So these are some popular types of glass smoking pipes to choose from. Each one comes with its own pros and cons.

Therefore, choose them wisely according to your preferences. What do you think? At Evershine, we are a reputed dealer of wholesale glass pipes. Let us know by commenting below!

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