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Three Glass Pipes That Make The Perfect Birthday Gift

By Terry Liu 0 comments

Selecting a birthday gift for your friends or loved ones can be a daunting task. But if they appreciate and enjoy the exquisite taste of tobacco smoke, then it becomes fairly easy. All you need to do is elevate their smoking experience with Evershine glass pipes. But how do you choose the right one from our exhaustive, attractive collection? That is where we come in. We have shortlisted three artistic glass pipes that will light up the birthday boy/girl’s face, indeed making them light one up soon after!

1. Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

A pipe that oozes absolute class, the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe is one of the finest in Evershine’s wholesale glass pipes lot. With a smooth surface devoid of any sharp edges, it is easy to clean and reflects quite a sheen. As the name suggests, it is not made of regular glass but a smoked one. This means that it looks slightly hazy under the light, giving off a silvery shine. And the twisting, serpentine form of the product will definitely catch the eye of passersby.

Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

2. Unique Mushroom Glass Pipe

The Unique Mushroom Glass Pipe is, indeed, pretty unique. Shaped like a mushroom, it is the perfect gift for those who love the earthy, meaty flavor of the delicacy. Edible mushrooms may be hard to find, but their glass pipe counterpart is one of a kind. It seems to be colorless at first glance, but it reflects a pinkish hue under the sun. Regardless of who wields the product, it’s bound to look cute in their hand. Even the smoke swirling through the pipe gives off a perky visage.

Unique Mushroom Glass Pipe

3. Freezable Glycerin Spoon Pipe

No other smoking pipe screams “Happy Birthday” like the Freezable Glycerin Spoon Pipe! Speckled with numerous colors, right from bottle green to lavender blue, it stands out in any smoker’s setting. Even the drab, gray smoke will appear vibrant within its confines. Looking to cheer the birthday gal/guy up? You cannot find a better gift than the Freezable Glycerin Spoon Pipe. Furthermore, it is designed like the classic Victorian era pipe. Thus, it appeals to anyone and everyone!

Freezable Glycerin Spoon Pipe

Now you might be thinking that beautiful, shipshape glass pipes like these may drain your pocket. You can never be more wrong! Each of the aforementioned products are wholesale glass pipes that will fit anyone’s wallet. And they aren’t a dime a dozen like most other wholesalers. Evershine glass pipes are bound to look posh in anyone’s hand!

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