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Three Custom Glass Pipes That Suit Any Occasion

By Terry Liu 0 comments

Any person sporting a smoking pipe looks cool! It lends a much better personality than a rolled cigarette, and it is far more comfortable to hold than a typical bong. However, custom glass pipes come in several different designs and forms. Not every briar pipe will complement a particular occasion. For instance, you cannot take your shimmering, colorful little tube to a funeral. That said, there are a few Evershine glass pipes that will suit any and every occasion. Here are three excellent ones from our collection.

1.    Wholesale Hand Pipes Smoking Pipe

This is a one-of-a-kind pipe made from thick glass that shines moderately well in sunlight. And at night-time, it gives out a sophisticated sheen that affirms a certain level of class. Hold this wholesale hand pipe in your hand and look at yourself in the mirror. You will know what we mean! Additionally, since the bowl is deep, you can enjoy more of your stuff for a longer time. Here’s an added bonus: this range of custom glass pipes retails at only $2.92.

2.    CRYSTAL GLASS Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Green is one of the few colors that portrays both happiness as well as sorrow. And a gleaming colorlessness in between adds to the existing mood. That is exactly how we have designed this CRYSTAL GLASS tobacco smoking pipe. It is a beautiful aesthetic piece that will amplify the aura dispersed. Whether you are at a party or outside a hospital, this collection of custom glass pipes won’t look out of place at all. Smoke away at your leisure without worrying about any backlash!

3.    Transparent Custom Glass Pipe

Love to see the smoke roiling in the glass tube as you puff away? This transparent hand glass pipe is the perfect option for you! We have made it out of non-smoked, clear transparent glass that barely reflects light. Thus, you will know exactly when it clean it. It has a classic smoking pipe design with a thick bowl circumference which lets the smoke churn adequately before getting the desired hit. And since it is devoid of any colors, you can take it to any kind of occasion without generating needless chatter.

If you are going to use one briar pipe no matter where you are, then you can never go wrong with the above three custom glass pipes. Each of these will stand out at a crowded ball but won’t look out of place at a funeral. Nobody will look twice at you for smoking in the hospital corridors, if it is allowed of course. And they simply can’t stop staring at you at a party!

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