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Glass Pipes For Smoking – Busting The Myths

By Terry Liu 0 comments

Though pipe smoking has been around for generations, glass pipes originated only recently, in the 1960s. Back then, people had mixed opinions about the product, and many preferred the traditional wood pipes. However, as we started comprehending the advantages of glass pipes, a majority of smokers began preferring those over their wooden counterparts. It has been more than 60 years since, but there are still a few absurd myths about glass pipes floating around. Let’s debunk them together!

Glass pipes for smoking myths

Myth #1: You Need to Clean the Tube After Each Use

You should clean wooden tobacco pipes after every use: true. But you don’t need to do the same for glass pipes, unless of course you are using a different type of tobacco or weed every time. The glass surface barely carries any friction. So the smoke doesn’t necessarily stick to it even after, say, 4-5 rounds. Since glass pipes are usually transparent, you can easily notice the accumulating tar within. You only need to clean it with alcohol or vinegar when the tube starts becoming semi opaque.

Myth #2: Cheap Glass Pipes for Smoking give out Low Quality Smoke

Cheap smoking pipes don’t necessarily mean that they use inferior materials. If it’s a glass pipe, then glass will be used. Period. A briar made of plastic is called a plastic pipe, and it will melt after lighting up. The prices depend upon the quality of glass. A cheap quality glass doesn’t mean that it will dilute the nature of the smoke if the product is well made. And at Evershine glass pipes, we not only manufacture the products carefully, but they are also of high quality, rendering the authentic taste of the shag.

Myth #3: Pipe Smoking is Healthier than Cigarettes or Joints

Whoever came with this was probably trying to justify their love for pipe smoking; and they failed to do so! Regardless of what you use to inhale the smoke, its side-effects on your health will remain the same. The only difference is that since you puff unfiltered smoke from a glass pipe, you will be able to taste the pure, organic flavor of the stash. Also, the happy high effects on your mind will be more pronounced, for the strength of the smoke is higher! Other than these positive results, the negative fallout in either case remains the same.

Now when you come to think of it, these myths sound insanely stupid. But they had a basis in fact in the past. For instance, cleaning the pipes after every use was a good habit for wooden briars, but the same doesn’t hold true for glass pipes. That is where we come in – we help you separate facts from the myths!

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