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Custom Glass Pipe Blowers VS Wood Pipes – The Ultimate Battle

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When it comes to smoking weed or tobacco, the make and quality of the smoking pipe matters as much as those of your stash. If you have an exceptional quality of tobacco but a poorly made tobacco pipe, you won’t be able to experience the rich taste of the shag. The smoke will mix with the particles of the poor quality tube, and the resultant taste won’t be what you are looking for. For this very reason, the make of the briar pipe is equally important. Should you go for a pipe made out of wood, or should you pick one of those custom glass pipe blowers? The answer lies below.

Wood Pipes get Charred

Charred wood pipe

As you might know, wood is probably the most prominent combustible material on earth. And to smoke weed or tobacco means that you have to burn the shag. Thus, wood and weed are not an ideal match, wouldn’t you say? Admittedly, wood pipes do have a metal-encrusted bowl to prevent them from burning. But the stem of the pipe is completely wooden. As the smoke passes through the stem, it sticks to the inner surface of the tube, charring it over time. On the other hand, glass smoking pipes are both non-combustible and less stickier than wood pipes.

Custom Glass Pipe Blowers Provide an Unadulterated Flavor

If you smell a newly purchased wood pipe, your nose will register a distinct aroma. It doesn’t matter if there is varnish on the surface. This very smell blends with the smoke of your stash, often ruining your smoking experience. Sometimes, the blend even elevates the taste, but such occasions are few and far between. You won’t find an adulterated flavor with custom glass pipes. Their surfaces are smooth and there is no residue smell after the pipe is manufactured and finished.

Unique Glass Pipes are Easier to Clean than Wood Pipes

Clean custom glass pipe blowers

Poor quality wood pipes may eventually develop dents on the surface, and small strips may start jutting out. Even high-end wood pipes wear out with time. You will find it very hard to clean the briar whenever that happens. But did you know that even cheap glass smoking pipes last much longer? Since the glass surfaces are smooth, you can easily clean the tube by holding it under a water stream or dipping it in vinegar.

All in all, custom glass pipe blowers one up wooden pipes in almost every aspect. Evershine glass pipes render a smooth, rich, flavorful taste, and give you a refined, wholesome smoking experience that will leave a nostalgic aftertaste in your mind for many hours to come.

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