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5 Different Types of Glass Pipes You Must Know Before You Decide to Buy One.

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Glass pipes for smoking are being made of varied materials but the only worthwhile kind of pipes are the ones made of glass. These sustainable pipes are here to stay because they are easy to clean, portable, and offer pure flavor. With unique designs, glass pipes also do not emit any carcinogenic element when heated.


Are you looking to buy a good glass pipe? Well, that is why you need to know these five types of glass pipes before you choose one for yourself. Who knows, you might be willing to buy all the five types as well. Each model has its own set of advantages and offers an excellent experience to the user.

Five types of glass pipes to understand before you select one.

1. Steamrollers glass pipes:

One of the most complicated glass pipes to use is the steamroller. However, this disadvantage should not deter you from using this since it offers excellent potency to the user. Having a tube and a bowl design, the bowl serves as a carburetor. This glass pipe is not for the newbies as this pipe delivers highly concentrated hits; hence the name!

2. Chillums glass pipes

This simple tube is highly convenient. They are compact as well as affordable and were used by the Indigenous people. The small size of these pipes causes a huge difference in the temperature as well as the volume of the hit. Therefore it is preferred by many since they can hold more herbs than normal.

3. Bubblers glass pipes

What happens when you mix a glass pipe and a bong? You get a bubbler! Bubblers use water to filter smoke by diffusing the smoke and creating tiny bubbles. You can use both hot and cold water for this process resulting in a smooth hit! The right temperature of water impacts the flavor and volume of smoke.

4. Spoon pipes 

The next on our list is spoon glass pipes. They are very similar to Chillums but are different in a few aspects. It includes a  mouthpiece, the bowl, the neck, and the carburetor. Chillums do not have these carburetors, unlike spoon pipes. The carburetor in the spoon pipes plays an important role to improve the efficiency of the pipe. 

5. Sherlock pipes.

Finally, on the list, we have Sherlock pipes. They have a curved and hooked-shaped stem. These pipes are inspired by the legendary character of Sherlock Holmes. A small bowl at the bottom of the stem holds the herbs. Smoke travels up the stem upon heating. Sometimes the stem of these glass pipes is longer than the average stem size and does not use carburetors.

Choosing a good glass pipe must be based on glass type, price, and quality.

Take care to choose the right type that can tolerate high temperatures without affecting the quality of the glass. Standard terms such as ‘Borosilicate glass’ indicate good quality and are safe to use. The best pipes are the ones with excellent quality and provide best flavor during every session.

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